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From tree change to sea change

Thanks for the memories and good times Hello. My name is Peter Trask, and my nine-years-old psychology practice in Bendigo Victoria is now closed. Many thanks to my many wonderful, loyal and inspiring clients I have met, and hopefully helped, in these past many years. However, it is time to move on, to first take a holiday - yes I am fortunate - and later, resume my psychology practice in a new location from August 2018.

What an exciting time ahead. Who knows? Who knows what my future will hold. Certainly, it will be in the vicinity of one of the many awesome sandy beaches in this great country called Australia. Yes, it will also involve a continuation of my services but in a new location. From a tree change to a sea change.

Some time I shall update this site and advise you where I am and how you can access my services.

Meantime you are free to access my blog at Red Maverick and share my sojourn to this great country's north-east, west and north. Enjoy and take care.

Psychology and Business Consulting

Psychology in Action

Launching in August 2018 on Sunshine Coast.