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GMT Psychology aims to help people overcome psychological difficulty, and enable them to perform better under the stress of life, work, or the competition of sport. We counsel, coach and guide individuals and teams to improve their performance and outcomes, and to achieve a higher level of physical and mental wellbeing. We provide sport and performance psychology services to help people achieve their best in a sport or business context, whether as a company manager, athlete, coach, or student. We value every client we see, and believe each person has the potential for greater contentment in their personal life and relationships.

Performance psychology is the core focus of GMT Psychology. Performance psychology is about more than sport psychology and attaining business goals: it's about converting potential into optimal performance, through which comes wellness, success, improved relationships, increased productivity, job satisfaction, heightened innovation, and sustained happiness.

Integral to optimising performance are the concepts of positive psychology and mindfulness. Developing mindfulness not only assists us in achieving performance goals, but provides one of the most successful treatment methods for many mental health challenges, including anxiety, stress, depression, and anger.

GMT Psychology operates out of Bendigo, servicing the Central Victoria region. We look forward to talking with you about how our counselling and performance psychology services can help you achieve wellness, resilience, and your personal, sport, or business goals.

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