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Consulting Fees and Hours

Standard fees or bulk billing applies to referrals via Mental Health Care Plans (MHCP) prepared by your GP. Such referrals entitle you to up to six 50-minute sessions with a psychologist. Medicare item number 2715 (or 2717) is applicable. A further four sessions are also available in the same calendar year, but require a second referral, subject to GP review. Please ensure the nominated psychologist (eg. Peter Trask) is noted on your GP provided MHCP.


These fees are current as at 1st January 2020.

Consulting Room Face-to-Face Sessions

Standard counselling fee is $130 per session.

Bulk billing is available for clients with a health care card, on a pension, or as negotiated.

Videoconference - Telehealth Sessions

Bulk billing is available for all Telehealth sessions with a MHCP referral (see above). Refer the Telehealth Services now available. Click on this link for all details.

Telehealth sessions are also available without a MHCP but need to be paid in advance via EFT or credit card. These include 25 minute consultation at $50, and 50 minute consultation at $90.

Home Visits - As Negotiated

Under exceptional circumstances, home visits may be arranged from time-to-time. However, discount rates will not apply whether there is a MHCP in place or not.

Standard fee for home visits is $200 per session, with a higher Medicare rebate applicable of $108.25 per session.

Client Reports

All client reports attract a standard fee of $200 per hour plus GST. This is payable prior to receiving the report.

All Sessions

Consultation Days and Hours

For private practice face-to-face work, my main consulting days are Thursday and Fridays, with excess work-load rescheduled to Saturdays by arrangement. Other work days are allocated to telehealth sessions and other business development and operations. There is also scope to conduct telehealth sessions on some week-day evenings and most week-ends, subject to negotiation.

MonClosed. Other Consulting Work
TueTelehealth Sessions Only
WedTelehealth Sessions Only
Thu8am to 6pm
Fri9am to 6pm
SatAs Negotiated

Saturdays are likely to be available every second week or by arrangement.

Not available on any national public holidays but subject to negotiation on local public holidays.

Reception, Telephone and Texting Communications

For all contact details, please refer the Contact Us link on this page.

Emergency Numbers

In the event of an emergency, please refer to the emergency phone numbers on the Contact Us page.

Wait Times

Clients can usually be seen within a week. Allowances made for emergencies where possible.