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Telehealth Services

Refer videoconferencing services by clicking this link.

Psychology in Action

Free one hour presentations are now available to Sunshine Coast community groups (i.e. small businesses, sporting groups, not-for-profits, etc) in the latter half of 2018. The theme will be Psychology in Action. Select this link for example of topic areas, including variuos performance related, human development and relationship related topics. These will be in addition to the various seminars of workshops available by negotiation.

Anger Management - Group Work

Plans are underway to offer this service in the later stages of 2018. Please call or email if you would like to participate in this group work. A referral from your GP may be necessary if you seek to bulk bill these sessions. May be over 10 consecutive weeks, for one-hour per week. More details will be posted here once theses details are finalised.


Please refer the link to this blog on the menu area to the left. This is a blog that will canvass issues of relevance to psychology, mental health and the general well-being of our communities and families. Every effort shall be made to present this content in a positive, compassionate and helpful manner. I do trust you can also find this content useful, informative and worthwhile. For those who choose to post replies, only positive and redeeming feedback will be published.