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From tree change to sea change

Thanks for the memories and good times. Hello. My name is Peter Trask. In March 2018, I closed my nine-year-old psychology practice in Bendigo Victoria, in readiness to move north to the wonderful Sunshine Coast Queensland.

After enjoying a special holiday to western and nothern Australia, I am now so pleased to be settled in my new home.

What an exciting time ahead. I am now operating an office in the lovely and scenic seaside location of Mooloolaba, Qld. Accordingly, I am taking appointments for new clients now, with no waiting period.

The services I offer include (but are not limited to) the following: performance and sport psychology for athletes, teams, coaches and other performance domains; treatment for anxiety and depression; the teaching and use of mindfulness practices and applied use of hypnosis; counselling and therapy for trauma, grief and loss; and mental health support for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Please ring me if you would like to know more, check out this web-site or feel free to email us.


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Available from August 2018 on the Sunshine Coast.