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Performance Psychology for Business

While the concepts of sport psychology arose from research and application in the athletic arena, it quickly became apparent that the same principles could be applied to any field of endeavour, with business performance at the forefront. The variety of mental skills necessary for successful coaching - skills ranging from goal setting and motivation, to decision making and leadership - can be used just as effectively to improve performance in business management. Similarly, the considerations relating to staff recruitment, retention and management, are reflected in the concerns of athletic team development.

The bad leader is one the people despise; the good leader is one the people praise; and the great leader is when the people say, 'We did it ourselves.' [Lao-tzu]

The benefits of acquiring performance psychology skills include improved communication among all levels of staff; increased ability to attract and retain staff  more closely aligned with your organisation’s corporate culture; greater commercial awareness and service excellence; an open, more transparent and common purpose; and shared organisational goals.

The key management training seminars offered by GMT Psychology include the following topics:

Performance Management

Performance Management addresses the broad and challenging demands made on managers, and outlines the ways in which positive psychology can assist in meeting those demands more effectively, and in a less stressful manner. The performance context recognises the competing responsibilities of the business manager including:

Mental Skills

An overview of the range of mental skills that can be learned to optimize staff and management performance can be found on the Mental Skills For Performance page. A more focused set of mental skills tailored to managers and coaches, can be found on the Coaching page.

Team Development

Click here for an overview of Team Development topics.