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Performance Psychology Seminars

Please note: This section will be substantially updated as I return to my consulting activities around August 2018 after an extended holiday. Free one hour presentations will be available to Sunshine Coast community groups (i.e. small businesses, sporting groups, not-for-profits, etc) in the latter half of 2018. The theme will be Psychology in Action and will involve a range of performance related and human development and relationship related topics. These will be in addition to the various seminars of workshops available by negotiation.

GMT offers a range of programs to businesses, coaches, sporting bodies, schools, and organisations. A pre-seminar consultation will allow you to express specific aims for the training, and enable material to be tailored to your organisation and objectives. We are also happy to develop a workshop or seminar completely customized to your particular needs. The duration of a seminar/workshop typically ranges between a half day and two days, but again, the duration can be structured to meet your requirements.

Programs currently offered are:

For any public seminars with places still available, please see Scheduled Seminars.

The Manager as Coach

To transform a group of people into a genuine team, the coach or manager must contend with various dynamic and overlapping phases as they establish, develop, and optimise their team’s performance. The team development cycle includes recruitment, induction, development, retention, transition and separation. This course looks at the various stages of the cycle, and how the process can be managed to achieve an optimal outcome for all involved, and for the organisation as a whole.

An Introduction to Well-Being and Positive Psychology

Well-being programs introduce you to the ways in which positive psychology can help you and your colleagues achieve your optimal performance in business, sport and personal well-being. Programs encompass considerations for diet, exercise, sleep, and mental health. For a more detailed overview of the well-being concept, please visit our FAQs page.

Performance Management

This course addresses the broad and challenging demands made on managers, and outlines the ways in which positive psychology can assist in meeting those demands. Topics covered include the diverse and competing range of manager responsibilities, such as: keeping the organisation financially viable and competitive; operating within a local (individual or immediate team), regional (departmental), and possibly, global (organisational) context; maintaining skill, motivation, and common purpose amongst staff; and staff management through the hiring cycle. The course steps through each of these areas, and proposes ways to employ techniques of positive psychology on a functional basis to improve the process and outcomes.

Sport Psychology for Coaches

In addition to managing the team development cycle, coaching and team performance can be significantly improved by learning and practising a range of coaching mental skills. These include self-evaluation, management skills, team building, communication skills, leadership, humility, values and philosophies, and integrity and role modelling. This course explains each of these vital areas, and methods by which a coach can proactively improve their coaching performance - and ultimately the performance of their athletes - in developing these techniques.

Scheduled Seminars

As per above, these will be available and publicised closer to August 2018.

Please note: Bookings are essential. To make a booking or enquiry, please call (0400 177 671) during business hours.

There are no public seminars scheduled at this time. If you would like to be notified of the next seminar, please email us at