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New Horizons for 2013. Wellness, Development and Performance.

Now it is time to plan a new year and instigate some new programs. This year there will be workshops and presentations, with a special focus on performance psychology and wellness. There are plans to develop and run group work for individuals seeking to overcome obesity and unhelpful lifestyle habits. In terms of professional development, I am completing a very interesting year long certificate course in Developmental Psychiatry. Finally, it is also a year to look at and use new psychological methods and tools, including some exciting technology presented below.

Training Programs in 2013

It is anticipated that a number of Performance Psychology Workshops will be organised in Bendigo this year, separately targeting the likes of sports coaches, athletes, personal trainers, business owners and managers. These will include a focus on the mental skills derived from sport psychology principles as well as exploring the role of wellness, mindfulness practices and positive psychology in optimising human excellence and the achievement of success. Details of these workshops shall be published on this web site once confirmed.

New Exciting Biofeedback Technology

emWave2 info

For specific details regarding this extraordinary technology click here or refer to the wonderful HeartMath website for lots of other and related infiormation.

Meantime, these emWave2 hand held devices, inclusive of PC or Mac desktop software, can be purchased now from Peter Trask in Bendigo. The retail price is $220, inclusive of GST. Or call or drop by for a free demonstration.