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Peter Trask of GMT Psychology

Peter Trask - Bendigo General and Sport Psychologist Welcome to my practice. My name is Peter Trask, and I've been a registered psychologist since 2007, and operating my own private practice as a general psychologist in Bendigo, Central Victoria, since 2009. Many of my clients seek help dealing with issues such as anxiety, depression, anger management, grief, trauma, and relationship difficulties. Most recently, I've been working closely with community members affected by the 2011 floods in Central Victoria, through the East Wimmera Health Service.

My first career involved more than two decades in Information Technology. This considerable background in corporate and management culture, provided for a natural extension of my services into the business community, via workshops in management coaching and training.

Sport has been a constant in my life. Initially, as a competitor and spectator; then as a coach and administrator; and later in the areas of management, training, and business. More recently, my qualifications as a psychologist have been applied to assist in guiding and facilitating individuals and teams to apply positive and performance psychology principles to achieve their competitive aims. For me, there is a natural integration and convergence of sport or performance concepts, psychology, coaching, management, and well-being.

Sport psychology is increasingly a focus within my practice. Sport psychology is a concept more broadly termed 'performance psychology', and can be readily applied to every aspect of one's personal, leisure, and working life. My focus and experience is in introducing people to the specific mental skills derived from sport and coaching models, and to demonstrate how these concepts can be applied by individuals and groups in the wider community to achieve their specific aims. The benefits are many: encouraging physical, mental and spiritual wellness, optimising sporting and business success, and promoting personal happiness.