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Counselling Services

Through counselling services, I am committed to helping and supporting my clients in achieving the positive changes they desire in their lives. Sometimes, we struggle with issues that affect our lives in unfavourable or unsustainable ways - issues such as those of anxiety, depression, anger, grief, trauma, relationship difficulties, and disadvantage. In addressing these issues we seek to improve the quality of our lives and relationships, so that we can achieve contentment and our potential: to experience well-being, to flourish, and to succeed.

We cannot change the past, but we can change the way we feel about the past;
We cannot control the future, but we can learn to be happy in the present.

We may not be able to change who we are, but we can change what we do, and how we respond to situations in our lives. In doing so, we are able to change our thinking and - ultimately - how we feel. My role is to support you and coach you, as you make these positive changes and, in time, reap the personal benefits.

Be encouraged that the shift from illness to wellness is liberating, and that my practice is committed to a total wellness perspective, encompassing mind, body, and spirit. I trust I can be of assistance to you, as you find meaning, passion, and joy in your life; to lead and guide you, as you develop the confidence to reach out and make changes in your life.

The well-being and safety of every client is central to my counselling practice, as is the respect and non-judgemental approach I extend to all my clients. I operate under the ethical guidelines of the Australian Psychological Society, encompassing the highest levels of ethical and qualified professional care.