In the flow, as a business owner!

It is a clichéd statement to say that business can learn much from elite sport yet this assertion retains its currency because of its apparent truth. Elite athletes achieve marvellous outcomes under difficult circumstances and after many years of training, requiring substantial personal discipline, sacrifice and considerable persistence and effort. Many business owners could relate … Read more

Mindfulness is the real deal for business success

A businessman  said there was no secret for the success of his new business, it was simply due to the combination of hard work and good customer service.  Yet not everyone is willing or able to work hard. Some people lack the energy, the stability of health, the motivation, the time management, the stress management … Read more

A window into our emotional state

Conflict exists for an individual when their thoughts and emotions are not in harmony with the things they do. This conflict may be regarding any aspect of their life, for example, with important relationships or in the workplace. Regardless, resolution of conflict is an integral part of achieving emotional wellness for every person. Interestingly, neuroscience … Read more

He can’t see the forest for the trees

Yes, it is nearly always a he, at least for adults, and sadly, among male leaders, mediated by testosterone, socialised by latent evolutionary legacies and cheered on by capitalist imperatives and greed. Wanting more, at the expense of others. Striving to win, so I do not lose. Living in fear. And so on. But let’s … Read more

The hidden folly of seeking to prove others wrong

So the dangers lurk, like a snake in the grass. Or a crocodile in the wetlands, submerged, waiting for some naive or careless creature to act unknowingly. And so it can be, for those who are motivated to prove others wrong. Counter-intuitively, they are more likely to fail to achieve what they so desire. This … Read more

Telling the truth means you do not have to remember what you said

        My lazy Google search noted that while this ‘advice’ might have been attributed to Mark Twain, the important corollary is that ‘maintaining a lie requires you to never forget what you said’ (source unknown). Nevertheless, knowing, seeking or at least valuing the truth has perhaps never been so important in the prevailing 21st century context of … Read more

The child is father of the man

Apologies to those who seek non sexist language, however, my basic research suggests this is William Wordsworth’s poetic insight circa 1802. Regardless, I just so love this profound and most instructive statement, which rings so true today. Especially among men, the male gender. And so, before I discuss my excitement about this quote, first a … Read more