Build a bridge. And communicate over it.

There’s a throw-away line in my cultural neighbourhood that suggests to people who complain or are experiencing self-pity to “build a bridge, and get over it”. This is certainly not a caring or helpful statement, but largely dismissive and indicative of some level of disdain to a fellow human-being. I’d like to propose a more … Read more

Men. The solution starts with me.

Men are everywhere. And where there are men, there is trouble. Violence, abuse, greed, power striving, competition, selfishness. In the democratic countries of the so-called West, there is the movement to diminish the power of men, to demand an end to the abuse of women by men, and to build equity with gender balance in … Read more

Doing nothing is doing something

Some of us are so privileged that we can be told it is ok to do nothing. Further, we can be advised that doing nothing is good for our health. However, the scientist, rational thinker and contrarian in me hesitates with this advice. Not because it is unhelpful, but because it does not adequately explain … Read more

Canine metaphors for human behavior

When humans become mindless, when their emotional brain is engaged under duress or when threatened, it can be that their behavioural responses become more animal like or primal. It is in this context that the metaphor of canine behaviour is referenced, as per below. These metaphors used here are instructive only and not meant to … Read more

A safer future contingent on critical thinking now

In this era of instant gratification and supposed connectivity, it is possible to assert that we have never been so advanced in terms of privilege and opportunity, at least in those countries that respect universal human rights. Meantime, while simultaneously many of our planet’s inhabitants (all living beings and flora, marine life, etc) face numerous … Read more

We lose our way when our leaders represent divergence

In our countries, communities and workplaces, we do benefit and gain strength and sustainability when our leaders are committed to unity, being representative of the greater good and being mindful in their actions so that universal values and social norms are fostered and prevailing. However, too many of our leaders are not representative of the … Read more

Failure is only real when we act accordingly

For most of us, we have more choice than we often consciously acknowledge. We can choose to fail, as protection against the anxiety associated with striving for success. Or we can choose to succeed, learn to be courageous and act accordingly. Respectively, we can choose to avoid the discomfort of anxiety, or we can choose … Read more