Comparison is the thief of joy (Theodore Roosevelt)

“There are people worse off than me”. We encounter this mantra often. So say those who believe they are being humble, generous, even helpful or honourable? But are they? What are the consequences for these people, for their families and communities, when that is a prevailing attitude or belief system? Perhaps it is not whether … Read more

The (many) tree(s) of knowledge

As I contemplate this post, I pondered alternate titles, including some less succinct or positive. ‘The sadness of needing to be better than our leaders’. Some of our leaders at least, especially those who thirst for power and influence. ‘Balancing community desire to unite with human inclinations to divide’. Survival of the fittest is primal, … Read more

Beyond the black stump

I have written before about the interaction between words and pictures, language and imagery. The common expression that a picture is worth a thousand words, or the converse, that a word or several can conjure thousands of images. It is in that context that I like the image above. ‘Beyond the black stump’ is legendary … Read more

Is unfettered economic rationalism damaging our planet and social systems?

As I contemplated the term economic rationalism, and searched online, I was advised by a Wikipedia entry that this is an Australian term. Therefore a brief local perspective. This refers to giving a consumer (someone with money and a desire to acquire some discretionary merchandise) what they want. Provide a capitalist system where individuals are … Read more

The tragedy of the commons

Still the same. So grateful to live in a beautiful, safe country. Not the same for our environment though. It is changing, on land, in the oceans and in the atmosphere. No matter where we live on this blue planet, what we each do here, affects everyone else, now and into the future. However, all … Read more

Out of the frying pan … into the fire (flood)

Life is not fair, nature is untamed and unpredictable. Nevertheless, it seems humanity is contributing to its wrath, and our community leaders need to respond with ever increasing urgency and focus. Sadly, too many of them are not. Meantime, our focus is on those we can help now, and thankfully, efforts to do so are … Read more

When enough … is enough.

When is enough money, for one individual, enough? And should those who have acquired extreme wealth, such as contemporary billionaires, be obligated to share their excessive wealth, whether via exceptional taxation legislation, or other civilised means? These thoughts came to my consciousness in light of a recent article published (Feb 6th 2019) in the New … Read more