Share the joy, the view, the excitement

The awesome and relentless ocean. The stable, timeless and fascinating rocks, to examine, each so unique, to walk upon, to see the water colliding, the sounds. The interaction of sun, air, water and shoreline. And human creatures interacting with each. Enjoy the images as much as we today enjoyed just being there.

Fair weather friends

There I was contemplating toward the end of a recent NBA playoff game. In junk time when the result is settled but the clock still has time to run. The home side is about to lose and some of the home fans are scurrying off to an early exit. Does that make them ‘fair weather … Read more

Nurturing a gracious gift

Some things just need to be posted when they are beautiful. Some things are beautiful because they have been created with love, with good intentions and honourably given away, if promised in advance. Saying what they would do, and doing what they said. I am proud of the person who created this art-work, for their … Read more