More to life than making money

Today I had the joy of attending the Caloundra Quiltters exhibition on the Sunshine Coast Queensland. So much hard work, skill, creativity and joy on show. A reminder that people create and indulge their passions not purely for material gain, but often for love, of the activity, or the joy it brings others when provided … Read more

What is the segue to the moon mission?

Not much! Maybe not at first glance. I just wanted to post a pretty picture. However… Check out the foot prints on the beach. Soon they will disappear, either via tide, or wind, or further human traipsing. Contrast with the moon. Apparently, all those footprints from just the twelve men who have walked on the … Read more

In awe of the moon, and the program to get there

As an older person privileged enough to have witnessed humanity’s first steps on the moon (via black and white TV of course), I remain in awe of that program. In two days, it is fifty years since that occurred. It was certainly an amazing achievement by the Americans and NASA and they kindly shared this … Read more

The joy of a natural view

Earth, wind, fire and rain. All fundamental to life on this planet. The soil, being nature’s repository of so many vital nutrients, distributed through the food chain via plants and animals. Oxygen, the staple of life, and such a precious gift via photosynthesis, to we dependent species. Thanks to the plants and trees. Of course … Read more

Truth and unity are the casualties when power Trumps humanity

In recent posts I have been writing about ‘striking a balance between” … often opposed objectives. Nonetheless, civilised, advanced and open societies continue to strive for achieving such balance, to maintain order, predictability and safety for the greater number while also aiming to protect individual freedoms and creative diversity. Sadly, in more recent times, we … Read more