Breathe new life into your wellbeing plans

Have you been so privileged to witness your child’s first breath at birth? Wow! Our breathing is so fundamental to life. On the hierarchy of needs it is pretty much number one. So we are endowed with a hind-brain that ensures we breathe whether we are asleep or awake, happy or sad, rich or poor, … Read more

When rock bottom is only a state of mind

I remember reading about an American professional athlete who after many successful years playing in the highest league in his team sport and earning millions of dollars each year was bemoaning that his career was now at ‘rock-bottom’ after he was recently delisted. “Cry me a river” some might say! This reminded me that often … Read more

Wellbeing does require effort and discipline …

I wrote yesterday that wellbeing is nurtured by many things that are free. The ‘bad’ news is that those ‘free’ things still require effort and personal discipline. Like exercise, getting to bed and arising earlier, choosing healthy food options, limiting alcohol consumption, not smoking, practising gratitude and pursuing education. Meanwhile, we are offered so much … Read more

Plant blindness and loss of habitat

I read an article a few months ago on the concept of plant blindness and how we humans tend to focus on loss of fauna, but less so on loss of flora. In Australia, there is concern about koalas becoming endangered, and in some central eastern parts of coastal Australia, this is happening. Yet the … Read more

Wellbeing need not always cost you money

All too often, especially in our capitalist communities, there is the assumption to be well one must spend money. Reminds me of the story my partner told me of a distant colleague commending her on her appearance and asked “what are you using?”. “Nothing” was my partner’s reply, just “eating healthy” foods, and the other … Read more

Drawing the line, between good and bad, fair and unfair …

The list goes on. What is reasonable human behaviour? What should be banned or decriminalised, for example, recreational drug use? How much stonewalling should we tolerate from our politicians? What about so-called ‘religious freedom’ laws; how do we reconcile the sometimes competing desires of the secular community with those of faith? Further, when we move … Read more