Noticing nature is good for our health.

For those of us who live in crowded or busy urban centres on this beautiful blue planet, we can often forget the beautiful environment that exists beyond our horizons. Sometimes we must travel to get there, get up early to do so, or sacrifice personal comforts to be there. What we do know is that … Read more

Can I believe what I am seeing?

Do I need to see to believe? Who can you believe, in this era of Photoshop, CGI and clever actors? Ultimately, some might offer education, open-mindedness and the nurturing of critical thought and perspective taking, as the necessary protection strategies. Without these, we remain too susceptible to those who would choose to exploit, mislead or … Read more

Perspective. I love the word and its contemplation.

Perhaps that’s the point. Perspective is about contemplation. In the era of rapid gratification achievement, in an effort to feel better when we are presently feeling worse, we lose perspective. We fail to contemplate as we prioritise short term goals. To satisfy a greedy and egocentric physical self, at the expense of learning wisdom. Rather, … Read more