An ode to a complex world

An ode to a complex world methinks Is a wink to an over wrought bubble Because as entitlement assumes its throne Nature will render those kingdoms to rubble. It need not be so but will be Because humans of greed are blind As fragile egos absolve their humility Their wickedness and dismissiveness aligned. So what … Read more

Honouring the past and the present

Today is a special day in Australia and New Zealand. Anzac Day. A day when we honour those who have come before us, to fight for the freedoms of their respective countries, and for other free-loving peoples of this planet. Sadly, we could not honour them in the usual way with all our dawn services … Read more

Do the right thing … and everyone benefits

The Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) have published a very helpful guide to how the Covid-19 transmission rate is tracking, and the one number we need to be most aware of. There is also comparative data for other countries tracking this. Of course, such data is only helpful when (1) the method of collecting and recording … Read more

Getting it right first time … when the risk is high

Sure, it is so much easier when we contemplate risk at the individual level. When people take responsibility for the consequences of their actions. People will risk death, as improbable as that might be, in the pursuit of adventure, exhilaration, exploration, research, innovation, to be the first, or to become elite. So many reasons. And … Read more

Farewell … and don’t come back anytime soon!

If only it were that simple. If only we could rid ourselves of this pandemic as if it were a defined enemy, that could simply retreat, surrender or agree to a genuine ceasefire. Sadly, we are dealing with an invisible enemy, that is clandestine, cunning and agile. Humans provide such an extensive network of communication … Read more