Day ten favourite song – The Last Resort

One of the best saved till last. Also, perhaps representing the second half of the greatest pair of album-start-finish songs. Wow! Hotel California kicks it off, and this amazing song completes it. I love so much about this song. An all time classic in my reckoning. A timeless song, so profound, so poignant now, in … Read more

Day nine favourite song – Everyone’s Waiting

A topical song. Yes. By a talented female artist. Yes. A special song. Yes. But included for other reasons important to me. Women and young people are the future of this planet. Men alone, and men with too much unconstrained authority cannot be trusted to act in the best interests of humanity, indeed in the … Read more

Day seven favourite song – Wiyathul

Long story short. Took the (rescheduled) flight from Kununurra to Darwin via Perth. Watched the Gurrumul movie that evening. Maybe the first time I cried on a plane. Spellbound. I know this man’s music was so melodious and beautiful. His life story was a combination of sadness, disadvantage, joy, love of country and kin, inspiring … Read more

Day six favourite song – US Forces

So many great and meaningful songs from this wonderful Australian band, Midnight Oil. Perhaps I have more favourite songs, and from this band too, yet this song encapsulates one of my most memorable musical moments from my earlier life. Imagine. Crowded in an old music venue in St Kilda, the lights are down, the tension … Read more

Day five favourite song – Comfortably Numb

A tribute to those of us who have used alcohol or other substances to get through. To cope. In my case, to ease my social anxiety. In Pink Floyd’s case, this was a story about heroin. Nevertheless, it was part of my early education about how easy it can be to fall into the lure … Read more

Day two favourite song – Wings of an Eagle

A beautiful and uplifting song by Australian singer-songwriter Russell Morris. Released in 1973. Its significance for me is twofold. This song was included on the soundtrack of the marvellous and quirky Australian movie called The Dish, released in 2001. In a fashion, laced with laconic Aussie humour, this movie tells the story of Australia’s contribution … Read more

Day one favourite song – For a Dancer

For a Dancer. Jackson Browne. 1974. I. Love. This. Song. It was like a personal discovery. You experience a latter album. How good is this guy? So you randomly buy an earlier album, one you have never heard of before. And maybe, it is even a better compilation. OK, maybe equal billing. But then that … Read more