A pathway to success, if you will

Before the pandemic, there were plans for 2020. Here were my hopes for success, from January. 2020 vision.

There still can be, now you have time to reflect, plan and change. And as was quoted by another, nothing will return to normal.

But then again, which part of normal would you like to remove? Now is the time to plan so. Come out the other end, better people, better communities, just better …

Intentional parenting

Nurture the attachment system

Let the children play

Community connectedness

Respect nature

Develop autonomy

Embrace imperfection

The power of language

Having a meaningful life

The value of employment

Appreciate diversity

Lead by giving

In awe of humility

Going slow to be fast

Grief is healthy

Wisdom as the end game

Compassion is the answer

Endurance is the secret

Gratitude is the beginning

Love is it

Yes we can … and it is so good … I choose to know … how good my life can be …

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