A wake-up call for a complacent country

My country, Australia. Currently experiencing unprecedented weather and bush-fires. With a federal government most ambivalent, often times in denial, and sometimes half-heartedly responding to efforts to mitigate anthropomorphic climate change. Hopefully our laggard government will finally do what its population most wants; respond to climate change in an authentic, dedicated and non-political way.

It is during such times that I am both proud and ashamed of my country, in equal measure. Proud and so grateful for those amazing people who fight these fires, support those who do, who assist in any way they can. People who pitch together when the going gets tough. The shame relates to the damage to fauna, flora and of course, human lives by our complacency. Yes, we must focus on the immediate emergencies, but soon enough, we must act in this country’s, and this planet’s inhabitants’ best interests. The time to potter along smoothly is long gone.

Meantime, I would like to pay tribute to two beautiful locations that I have had the pleasure to visit in peaceful times but have this week been ravaged with fire. These are Mallacoota in far eastern Victoria and Kangaroo Island South Australia. I do so hope both have retained sufficient natural collateral to recover from this week’s fire trauma. Like all fire-affected areas throughout Australia, these are stunning locations, in part because of their isolation, because of their plentiful flora and fauna, and simply because of their rugged natural landscape.

I post pictures of these two special places as Australians need to contemplate what they risk losing, forever.

Kangaroo Island

The rugged south west in the Southern Ocean.
A haven for seals and walruses.
Accessible beaches on the north.
The scenery is stunning. Facing north to the mainland.
So many roads. Bring your 4WD or hiking boots.


The glorious and pristine lake by the sea.
So calm, so reflective, so peaceful.
The lake and inlet from the sea-shore.
The beautiful, rugged beach with a temperate climate in Winter.

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