An ode to a complex world

An ode to a complex world methinks

Is a wink to an over wrought bubble

Because as entitlement assumes its throne

Nature will render those kingdoms to rubble.

It need not be so but will be

Because humans of greed are blind

As fragile egos absolve their humility

Their wickedness and dismissiveness aligned.

So what for the common man or woman

To respond in defiant strides of opposition

To lifestyles and consumption beyond sustainable

When our esteemed leaders abrogate tradition.

Of cultures long refined and satisfactory

That have evolved and matured as worthwhile

Only to be sidelined by technology and convenience

In the pursuit of progress, of advantage, of guile.

Instead we discover that the old is now new

That our families, our communities, our self-respect matter

That our greater good is superior to the ascendant celebrity

And we are glad when the evil empires shatter.

Time now to navigate the ships across chunky seas

As if this journey will portend our loved ones’ destiny

Precious is our cargo, our mission, our need to arrive

In time, intact, integrated in a spacious future serenity.

We thank you from our future location

We thank you for sacrificing then

As the best of your forebears had done too

We thank you for rising again

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