Special friends are just that

It’s when we leave or we are apart for extended periods that we appreciate our friends most. At least that is often my experience. So as we leave town, first up there needs to be time to catch up with some special friends of mine, many I have worked with, others I have known most … Read more

Solid rock wondering

So many amazing rock formations, in so many stunning places in the world. Like these rocks at The Remarkables at the southern end of Kangaroo Island, South Australia. And if you zoom in (below), what do you see? I see a large bird of prey resting above the ocean, and in the shadow? What is … Read more

Seven doors down

Seven doors down. Reaching out to your neighbour seven doors down, because those in-between would not, could not, or did not. But she did, and next thing you know, she was involved, the default next of kin in the family, given disapproving looks in the hospital when that person cursed and swore and was simply … Read more

The last time …

The last time. So many last times recently. The last time I will see your face. The last time I will be here. The last time I can be of assistance. The last time … to say good-bye. Sometimes the last time is simply a point in time, not anticipated in advance, like the last … Read more

Special memories and views

Cape Conran, south eastern Victoria. The romanticism of returning there recently and remembering the young boy so overjoyed to explore the huge sand dunes and climb across the rocks at water’s edge. The innocence, the joy, the fun. Still beautiful and impressive through that now grown boy’s eyes.     Overlooking Halls Gap and Lake Bellfield, … Read more

Joyfulness. Love and family

If we are loving what we are doing, if we are loving who we are with, then surely joyfulness can be a natural consequence. But what comes first? Finding the love, or finding the joy? Perhaps it is just a preparedness to be open to both. As my favourite psychological therapy would suggest, values informed … Read more

Gratitude. A gateway to wellness

  Travelling through Asia a few years ago, I realised how privileged I was, to have the life I have.  Grateful for being safe growing up, and throughout my adult years. Grateful that I had parents who valued education of their children. Grateful for wonderful partner and very special children of my own. Grateful for … Read more