Build a bridge. And communicate over it.

Wooden bridge in Hoi An, Vietnam. Dates to the 1700’s.

There’s a throw-away line in my cultural neighbourhood that suggests to people who complain or are experiencing self-pity to “build a bridge, and get over it”. This is certainly not a caring or helpful statement, but largely dismissive and indicative of some level of disdain to a fellow human-being.

I’d like to propose a more compassionate metaphor and suggest we build bridges of connection to facilitate the best of humanity. To allow collaboration, cooperation, sharing, the exchange of helpful information, to support the ‘other side’ that might otherwise be sinking. Raise people up, all of us, not knock them down. Work together for the common good.

Where and how can you build bridges of friendship and goodwill?

And consistent with the message in my last post, it is up to each of us. We cannot wait for our political leaders, sadly. We must each do it ourselves. And if each of us do so in large numbers, the momentum of that can be staggering, even for those in less open-societies. Reach out to others, and be kind. And you may be amazed at how good it feels. The power of humanity to do good. That is our choice, please choose wisely.

P.S. In my limited time in Vietnam I was so grateful for the joy and calmness of those people I met and encountered on the street. The fun of weaving between the multitude of motor scooters in Ho Chi Minh City but not a flicker of road rage, and just the gentle way I was welcomed as a tourist in that country. Hopefully I can again return for a longer stay some day.

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