An ode to a complex world

An ode to a complex world methinks Is a wink to an over wrought bubble Because as entitlement assumes its throne Nature will render those kingdoms to rubble. It need not be so but will be Because humans of greed are blind As fragile egos absolve their humility Their wickedness and dismissiveness aligned. So what … Read more

Honouring the past and the present

Today is a special day in Australia and New Zealand. Anzac Day. A day when we honour those who have come before us, to fight for the freedoms of their respective countries, and for other free-loving peoples of this planet. Sadly, we could not honour them in the usual way with all our dawn services … Read more

Farewell … and don’t come back anytime soon!

If only it were that simple. If only we could rid ourselves of this pandemic as if it were a defined enemy, that could simply retreat, surrender or agree to a genuine ceasefire. Sadly, we are dealing with an invisible enemy, that is clandestine, cunning and agile. Humans provide such an extensive network of communication … Read more

A pathway to success, if you will

Before the pandemic, there were plans for 2020. Here were my hopes for success, from January. 2020 vision. There still can be, now you have time to reflect, plan and change. And as was quoted by another, nothing will return to normal. But then again, which part of normal would you like to remove? Now … Read more

Time to shine and support one another

Unprecedented. Unchartered waters. Fear of the unknown. The moral dilemma of choosing between long-term utilitarian objectives and saving lives of the vulnerable in the short-term. The desire to sustain social cohesion while many activate their primal instincts and panic. We seek to be civilised but self-interest looms large. Aiming to increase our tolerance for the … Read more

Day seventeen of the 20/20 success story – compassion is the answer

The answer to building better relationships, in partnerships, and across families, communities and nations. Genuine care for people who are disadvantaged or are temporarily experiencing emotional grief or anxiety. Doing the opposite of exploiting people at a time of their vulnerability for another’s personal gain. Instead to rise-up as an honourable person and support a … Read more

Day sixteen of the 20/20 success story – wisdom as the end game

The wisdom to know the difference, between what we can change, and what we cannot (derivation from “Serenity Prayer”). Living life mindfully with emotional intelligence and substantial capacity to delay gratification. Learning sooner that youthful energy is only helpful if directed toward considered actions. Knowing that there is still so much more to know. Being … Read more