Day eighteen of the 20/20 success story – endurance is the secret

The secret of success, is having the endurance, the persistence, the resilience, to never give up on the targeted goal. At least while such a goal remains safe to pursue. No recklessness, stupidity or bloody-mindedness but just an unrelenting determination to keep going. Even with rests in-between. To sleep, to re-fuel, to check the calibration of the navigational system, but meanwhile, continuing, on the defined pathway.

Sometimes we end up with failure. However, the only real failure in this life relates to death of self or others, or total disablement. Short of those, failure is simply sign-posts on the journey informing us of the ‘wrong way’. We are then closer to discovering the ‘right’ way. Hence the need to endure, to persist with the journey, even though at times we may have (become) lost, on the road less travelled. But on a road full of adventure, unique experiences and new opportunities.

Put another way, success is so often related to hard-work. Ask any endurance athlete whether it was easy and we would guess the answer. Anything worthwhile takes effort and the things that are the most valuable, do not come easy. Like a life-time friendship or marriage. Maintaining well-being. Or keeping the weeds and bugs out of our garden. We must persist, over and over. Keep turning up. Enduring. And then we usually succeed, over and over.

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