Day eleven of the 20/20 success story – appreciate diversity

The differences make the whole special. Diverse personalities contributing a breadth of ideas, diversity in coping strategies assisting adaptability and survival, diverse skills making up a successful team, diversity in nutritional components supporting the differential requirements of an organism, and so much more.

Diversity is fun, is interesting, is helpful and useful to the overall health of the earth’s ecology and inter-dependent systems. At the individual level, a diverse set of skills, interests and knowledge base assists people to participate in a multitude of ways, and achieve choice about what they ultimately do, professionally, recreationally and socially.

Successful people embrace differences, are not threatened by that which is dissimilar to them, and so allow such diversity to be valued and sustained. Do the same, socially, with respect to nature, in your work efforts, and there is a likelihood that you too will achieve life satisfaction and positive human relationships.

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