Day four of the 20/20 success story – community connectedness

Finding a partner, starting a family, building a home and establishing our community connections are all part of living a successful life. The human brain is designed with social connectivity in mind. To communicate, to collaborate and cooperate, to work together collectively so as to achieve more than we could individually.

There is something special that occurs when we connect with something ‘bigger’ than ourselves. When our ego needs are sacrificed or considered secondary to the greater needs of a group, such as in a sports team. Phil Jackson, the famous Chicago Bulls NBA coach referenced that as integral to the success of his Michael Jordan led teams.

Further, I do love the perspective of Peter Senge who explains that

when a group becomes open to the flow of a larger intelligence … it accesses a larger pool of common understanding, which cannot be accessed individually, and so … the whole organises the parts.

Not everyone is willing to cooperate or collaborate. However, success is much less likely than if we do.

The joy of family connections.
Cultural connections, commitment, cooperation and team work.
Connecting with others through a common interest.

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