Day one of 20/20 success story – intentional parenting

A life starts with the parents. Primal forces and (sometimes) love in humans facilitates procreation. But then what? From conception to birth. Birth to maturity. Maturity to beyond.

Creating children is the easy part, especially for men. However, the work starts for women soon after, as they nurture their un-born and achieve the special experience of birth. Then nature gets a big serve of nurture thereafter. Parents hold a substantial influence over how their child develops, emotionally, socially and cognitively.

Yes, there are children born with congenital problems, on a scale from moderate to severe. Not all survive the birth process or make it to adulthood. Some survive despite the odds and inspire many around them in the process. Bonds are established, mostly, between baby and parent(s).

For those children born healthy, their scope for success in life is considerable. Nevertheless, that success is a combination of luck (where a child was born and into which family), good parenting and on-going opportunities that their environment (physical and psychological) can provide.

Importantly, to create a successful community, we need structures in place to support all parents in their profound efforts. Parents too must be intentional in their efforts to facilitate the optimum development of their child. Be informed, seek advice, practise patience and resilience, and be the best version of oneself as the role model guide for that child. Avoid such responsibilities and a child’s prospects are compromised. Or be a parent who is available, dedicated and loving, and special children and productive adults will emerge as a consequence.

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