Day sixteen of the 20/20 success story – wisdom as the end game

The wisdom to know the difference, between what we can change, and what we cannot (derivation from “Serenity Prayer”). Living life mindfully with emotional intelligence and substantial capacity to delay gratification. Learning sooner that youthful energy is only helpful if directed toward considered actions. Knowing that there is still so much more to know. Being humble in the presence of others, as they will always teach us something, even when that something causes us to re-examine long-held beliefs. Recognising that the mistakes of others and ourselves are on the pathway to greater insight, at least when those transgressions are manifested in the context of honourable values and intentions. And so much more.

If there is a meaning to this planetary life, perhaps it is related to the acquisition of wisdom. Perhaps just as importantly, the possession and retention of a motivation to keep learning, till our last breath, or at least our last conscious moments of lucidity. To that extent, wisdom is a gift. However, it is the gift we deliver unto our self. If we can so give, it shall be the gift that keeps on giving.

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