Day ten of the 20/20 success story – the value of employment

The division of labour and the willingness for most people across societies to contribute in many different ways helps our communities to be cohesive, constructive and productive. As previously described, there is value in having purpose in our lives, and jobs give us that. Accordingly, it remains the case to this day that as localised communities, we need to create the circumstances, the incentives and the opportunities for the creation of meaningful and available work.

Some people strive to train, to learn or to be educated in certain vocations or professions. Others are just grateful to work in any worthwhile capacity, as long as they are paid in a consistent manner. Others are entrepreneurial and create their own work opportunities, and often provide for others to achieve employment as those businesses grow. Whichever way, success is tied up with working, to contribute honestly and earnestly, to gain satisfaction to feel as if one has contributed to a greater whole, like a major infrastructure construction, or educating children in a school.

As we seek to change some of our industries across the world, to reduce carbon emissions and destruction of fauna and flora, to move from old power generation to the new, there is a need to assist those in the employment of the polluting industries to transition to new opportunities. To do otherwise is to ostracise and alienate people, to deprive them of a livelihood, and aside from that being cruel, it will also create social unrest in most communities. This must be avoided for the benefit of all. We need to plan ahead and evolve into our futures, not foment a revolution by our negligence.

If we want harmony and peace in our communities, we must provide meaningful and sustainable employment for as many of our fellow humans as is possible. If we can extend that generosity and foresight across sovereign borders, all the better.

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