Day thirteen of the 20/20 success story – in awe of humility

These are confusing times. There is fake news and disinformation. Opinion is equated to evidence-based knowledge. Arrogance is misinterpreted as ability. Marketing is projected as truthful via devious public relations efforts. Celebrities are worshipped for their popularity and so afforded undeserved authority and credibility. Politicians lie by omission and so mislead.

Meanwhile, we can feel as if our world is spinning out of control, in the era of emerging artificial intelligence, increasing self-indulgence and a growing gap between the haves and the have nots. In times when the bedrock of civilised and democratic societies, taxation, is demonised as an evil like communism. When too many of our leaders are not smart enough to know how stupid they actually are.

Then there is humility, thankfully. Among some. For those who know how much little they do. Who are not unreasonably attached to material objects, and value more than their image, their physical presence, or credit rating. Who learn so much more every day, being so willing to listen, observe and respect the skill and knowledge of others. The humble who cooperate and collaborate with others, not because they are meek or weak, but because their well-being is nourished by their relatively ego-less existence.

Never completely ego-free, as that would be dependent and helpless. Nevertheless, these are humble people who value being part of something special, that can be shared and appreciated by all, naturally, socially, compassionately, gratefully and spiritually.

Humility is a pathway to success. It’s an open-mindedness that can liberate our self-identity, our self-consciousness, our anxieties, leading to clarity of thought, creativity, innovation, helpful problem solving and effective decision making. Humility is not a weakness, it is a strength that needs no wielding, just a calming force among the overt storms of misguided humanity.

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