Day three of 20/20 success story – let the children play

Children learn through play. To balance, to problem solve, to coordinate the use of their limbs and fingers, to experience success and failure, pleasure and pain, develop confidence and resilience, to discover disappointment, and every day, much more. The more variety and novelty the better.

Of course, children learn when they are first safe. They are motivated to explore, to be curious, to ask why, to contemplate, under circumstances when physical survival is not a priority. We build on the secure attachment we have intentionally worked to implement as parents, family and community.

Contemporary technology is most seductive and stimulating to young children. But do not just restrict your child to screens. The best stimulation to facilitate positive neurological development is the inventive and creative play children will usually engage with of their own choice. An adult’s role is to encourage, to provide the environment or objects of interest, and to either interact at their behest, or step aside, observe and be there if they fall.

Adults can learn a great deal from child’s play. That includes accessing the joy, creativity and freedom of just playing. Let your children be children at every opportunity, because they will be expected to be ‘adult-like’ all too soon.

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