Day two favourite song – Wings of an Eagle

A beautiful and uplifting song by Australian singer-songwriter Russell Morris. Released in 1973.

Its significance for me is twofold. This song was included on the soundtrack of the marvellous and quirky Australian movie called The Dish, released in 2001. In a fashion, laced with laconic Aussie humour, this movie tells the story of Australia’s contribution to NASA’s monumental and historical achievement of the first “walking on the moon” event in 1969. As a very young schoolboy in Grade 3, I was awestruck watching the grainy black-and-white vision live from that time. What a privilege. What a memory! I remember where I was when …

The second relates to living in a special place on a hill, and many mornings early upon waking, I could look down the adjacent valley, with an eagle-eyes’ view, with the mist shimmering below in the valleys like a gorgeous silky blanket. To be an eagle and admire such beauty! That certainly activated my childhood fantasies and dreams of being able to fly. How exhilarating.

On the wings of an eagle I find myself lifted through the skies
Lifted up above the world to see

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