Day two of 20/20 success story – nurture the attachment system

Human babies are born with an instinct to attach to their primary caregiver(s). This is a survival necessity for the helpless newborn. Hopefully, the caregiver is ready and able to complement this powerful impulse by choosing to establish a loving bond. Where this occurs we have what is known as secure attachment.

Children who are securely attached from birth, and through their key developmental milestones thereafter, are most able and likely to achieve optimum outcomes with regard to their emotional, social and cognitive intelligence.

Love your child and keep them safe, every day, teach them via your appropriate role modelling, be available to stimulate their learning and gift them autonomy as they mature, and your child will indeed become successful and resilient.

Human connectedness can overcome all adversity. As parents provide this to their off-spring, the world will subsequently benefit. Good parenting is the source of good and cohesive communities.

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