Do the right thing … and everyone benefits

Leaving a positive legacy for our young people, by implementing strategically helpful whole of government policies now.

The Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) have published a very helpful guide to how the Covid-19 transmission rate is tracking, and the one number we need to be most aware of. There is also comparative data for other countries tracking this.

Of course, such data is only helpful when (1) the method of collecting and recording is reliable and valid, (2) its presentation and explanation is made by those who understand the quality and application of the data and (3) it is explained to people in ways that most people can understand, and so act appropriately. Political leaders need to defer to the experts, as good leaders do in a crisis. As an aside, see the authority gradient concept, so applicable in these times when good leaders must defer to those who know.

Meantime, check out the ABC’s explanation of the one number you need to watch in this Covid-19 crisis. Thanks ABC, Australia’s wonderful public broadcaster.

Meantime, stay home, when you can, and get that number down, and down.

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