Earth, wind, fire and rain.

I seek an image in coming days for this. For now, this must suffice.

As I am about to embark on another adventure in nature (while shielded by the considerable engineering feats of contemporary humanity), I choose to contemplate. Earth, wind, fire and rain. The key factors affording us life and survival on this beautiful planet. Usually in moderate equilibrium with each other, often channeled by the human species but sadly of late, often the substance of threat, in their absence, or excess.

The earth, the soil, the source of micro-nutrients and so fundamental to the food chain and the support of flora and fauna.

The wind, the oxygen in our atmosphere, vital to all sentient beings on this planet, and so synergistically restored via the marvellous process of photo-synthesis. Mostly restoration, except as we continue to land-clear and burn the plants and trees, this natural balance is now at a new tipping point. We have been warned yet so many choose to conveniently look the other way.

The fire, the big one in the sky, that rises and sets each day, that regulates our body chemistry, provides the warmth for growth and comfort, even the modern source of power.

The rain, life giving water, to all living organisms, in the oceans, in the fresh-water systems, and within all our bodies.

Earth, wind, fire and rain, working in concert to sustain life on this planet, to sustain our lives. How so wonderful! Whether created or evolved (maybe both!), when we stop to contemplate, how can we not be in awe of these systems?

I marvel at the recycling system that is the earth (soil). Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. We return to the earth once our time is done. At least our physical self does.

Breath, our internal wind, is not not just life-giving but like the conductor in the orchestra, we are free to use our breath, to engage the heart and its vagus nerve communication to the hind-brain. That primitive brain possesses the genius of achieving equilibrium in our bodies between oxygen and carbon dioxide, so we can experience peace within and harmony with those around us. Breath slowly and gently folks, it is amazing how you can feel. And it is free!

The the fire, the heat, the vital system located some 150M kilometres away.

Rain and water. Satisfying our thirst, yet so many uses. And think of this, the amazing water distribution system that is precipitation. How clever is that, given the weight of water!

Interestingly, just as people we can do good, we too can abuse, self and others. So too the earth, the wind, the fire and the rain. Landslides, earthquakes, toxins. Hurricanes, storms, cyclones, typhoons. Bushfires and drought. Floods, tsunamis, drownings.

We live in a dynamic place. Respect for and care for this special place often increases our resilience. Blind ignorance and greed can upset the natural balance. Maybe with gratitude for these fundamental endowments of our natural world, perhaps we could be less rapacious. Here’s hoping!

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