Fair weather friends

Who can you trust? What is their motivation? And what are the consequences of seeking mutual benefit? Or maybe, we must get better at delaying gratification.

There I was contemplating toward the end of a recent NBA playoff game. In junk time when the result is settled but the clock still has time to run. The home side is about to lose and some of the home fans are scurrying off to an early exit. Does that make them ‘fair weather friends’? Does it matter, it is only sport, some might say?

Maybe it does, if such ambivalence or contingent behaviour extends to other important relationships in their lives. If we develop habits to quit early or give up on others simply because they have not met our expectations or satisfied our desires to feel good, are we on a pathway to well-being? I would suggest not.

Perhaps this is a theme I can develop further. Meantime, please consider and recognise that fair weather friends do not engender true friendships. It’s your choice, but the consequences are under your influence.

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