From here to eternity

In a recent television chat show in the presence of some eminent and most knowledgeable scientists, there was the contemplation of whether a belief in God was incompatible with being committed to the scientific method.

So why a Ferris wheel image in the same conversation? Well, a Ferris wheel is round and as a circle, it is possible to assert that it has no start or end, in a metaphorical sense, just like the concept of eternity. Then the segue from science to eternity to a God. Science seeks evidence to explain phenomena, but how does science explain eternity, where there is no start or ending, supposedly, at least by definition? There is no theory or explanation. Similarly, how would an atheist explain what we as feeble humans cannot comprehend? Hence the theory of a God. As all powerful and omnipresent, That could be the answer. So say I as an agnostic. And as person committed to the practice and usefulness of science. To explain nature, if not its creation or ultimate genesis.

Meanwhile, gazing out to sea, looking to consider what is beyond the horizon, or looking at the vastness of space on a dark yet star spangled night, is to look beyond our reality, to imagine what we can, yet possessing extreme ignorance about so much beyond our perception. I do contemplate such things when certain people describe life as boring. Sadly such people have become so limited in their own desire for gratification, as they seek to mitigate their own discomfort, they are missing so much opportunity to appreciate the grandeur of nature.

Nature is so wonderous, and as we seek material possessions, wealth, power and control, we can lose the capacity to simply be joyful, grateful and connected to that which is most natural, including our beautiful flora and fauna. Sure, nature in its rawest and most primal manifestations can be dangerous, cruel and dismissive. Yet we humans, as perhaps the most privileged of all sentient beings on this precious planet, are able to appreciate that our nature, in a survivable world, is finite. We do not have a God-given right to live here for eternity. Maybe not even a long time. So choose wisely humanity, else we will simply be a sneeze in the annals of the timeless universe.

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