Fees for Psychology Services

Telehealth Services

Please note: Effective 30th March 2020. GMT Psychology is only conducting telehealth (via either videoconference or telephone) services at this time, until Covid-19 restrictions are removed, with some exceptions for NDIS work. 

The standard consulting fee is $140 per 50-minute session. 

Under temporary Covid-19 arrangements, a person located anywhere in Australia with a Mental Health Care Plan from their GP can access this service with GMT Psychology. This access can be via video-conference (Zoom, Skype) or by telephone.

All MHCP referrals entitle you to up to six 50-minute sessions with a psychologist. A further four sessions are also available in the same calendar year, but require a second referral, subject to GP review.

All Medicare-subsidised sessions with a MHCP entitle you to an $86.15 rebate with each 50-minute session.

You are also free to arrange a telehealth session any time without a GP referral at the standard rate noted above.

Face to Face Services

Not available at this time. However, once face-to-face consulting sessions are available again after Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, the standard fee of $140 per session (as noted above) will be payable. Medicare rebates may also apply, provided there is a MHCP referral in place.