News and Changes

Position Vacant

Seeking graduate entry / early career psychologists to join our practice on the Sunshine Coast, as a part time employee. It is anticipated that this will be a (0.6) three day per week position initially with possible scope to extend that to full time in due course. For all expressions of interest, please call, text or email us, per Contact details noted within.

Alternatively, please refer the advertisement posted on other media as attached here:  Job Advertisement – Psychologist – GMT Psychology

Coronavirus Arrangements

Till 31st December 2022, Medicare rebates apply to all telehealth sessions (whether videoconference or via telephone) provided by a registered psychologist when the client has a current mental health care plan from their GP. This applies regardless of where the psychologist is based (must be in Australia of course) or where the client is located (city, regional or remote).  

There remains hope that this telehealth arrangement can be made permanent.  

NDIS Practitioner

As a registered NDIS provider and behaviour support practitioner (with advanced accreditation pending per application with NDIS).  I am able to develop and implement Positive Behaviour Support Plans, including those involving restrictive practices.  General psychological counselling for eligible NDIS participants with an appropriate plan can also be provided. Further, having recently completed our standard NDIS mid-term audit with very favourable feedback from our participants and auditor alike, we are keen to embrace further behaviour support work in 2022. We are most pleased with the high standards we have set and intend to maintain. 

Telehealth Services

We are pleased to be able to offer telehealth services to clients all over Australia. This has been a delivery medium for the past three years and has proved very valuable and helpful to our clients, saving travel time, avoiding waiting rooms or breach of privacy and less anxiety once confidence in the technology is gained. We hope to see you too online soon, if unable to meet face-to-face on the Sunny Coast.