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Coronavirus Arrangements

Please note that as of Monday 30th March 2020, for a period of at least 6 months, the Federal government is allowing psychologists based anywhere in Australia to consult and provide psychotherapy services with clients (also based anywhere) by video-conference or telephone provided that client has a current mental health care plan from their GP.

Accordingly, during this Covid-19 period of restricted practice, GMT Psychology is delivering all psychotherapy by telehealth only. Availability is a maximum wait time of a week or less, with sessions being scheduled at flexible times, Monday to Friday, especially if clients are free to access telehealth from their own homes.

Coronavirus Mental Health Support Links

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TRTP Practitioner

The Richards Trauma Process

I am very pleased to advise that I am now providing services as a TRTP practitioner. See the link above for more information.

TRTP is an exciting trauma treatment process that provides long-term and sustainable recovery to long-affected traumatised individuals. This can be achieved in as few as three 2-hour sessions.

This treatment does not require a GP mental health care plan referral, although for some clients, it can be handled under the Medicare scheme. Ordinarily, a separate fee scheme applies for this treatment process. Under current strange circumstances, that fee structure shall be negotiated client to client, until this pandemic passes.

For further details regarding this treatment modality, please refer the website at TRTP Trauma Treatment

NDIS Practitioner

As a registered NDIS provider, I am able to develop and implement Positive Behaviour Support Plans as well as provide general psychological counselling for eligible NDIS participants with an appropriate plan.

Telehealth Services

Some telehealth services are bulk billed provided clients have a mental health care plan referral from their GP / doctor. Typically, this only applies to clients who are located in regional or remote Australian locations. This does not apply to clients who would otherwise be face-to-face clients on the Sunshine Coast.

Alternatively, all clients can access telehealth services directly without a GP referral but are required to pay a fee in advance of scheduled sessions.