Gratitude is a road trip.

So grateful to travel the Kimberley in Australia’s far west. So privileged to do so.
Being appreciative for those who construct and maintain these roads. So I can have a short cut, or get to my destination safely. Thanks to the people who labour in the heat and remote conditions to make it so.
Grateful for the roads to amazing places. Grateful for the amazing vehicles and engineering that gets us there and home safely.
Curious about the wild animals along the way that claim this road as their own. This dingo was not moving, and not acknowledging us, almost like a show of power, belligerence. So interesting.
Then there are strange flightless birds I cannot even name. Living in a hostile landscape, so hot, but its head still ‘held high’!
And grateful to share the journey and the corrugations with a tour group. Being guided through the rough terrain, bumping along enjoying the ride.
So grateful for the awesomely smooth highways making our journey from, through and to so many stunning places, so special, meditative, so appreciative of the wilderness, the huge open spaces, here in Western Australia.

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