He can’t see the forest for the trees

Yes, it is nearly always a he, at least for adults, and sadly, among male leaders, mediated by testosterone, socialised by latent evolutionary legacies and cheered on by capitalist imperatives and greed. Wanting more, at the expense of others. Striving to win, so I do not lose. Living in fear. And so on.

But let’s turn attention to the awesome (surely an appropriate image to use this over-used and otherwise hyperactive word?) image above. Photographed by NASA astronaut Bill Anders in 1968, during the Apollo 8 mission (if I am in contravention of copyright I will take down but I am hoping this amazingly iconic image can stay here, in recognition of those inspiring people in our past and present who do and share such significant experiences with their fellow ‘travellers’).

From our limited perspective in the universe (whatever that is!), this is such a special image, to highlight that we as humans are not as significant as we sometimes may like to project. We know so little, we are little. However, we can practise humility and wonder, when we contemplate this image. Humility fosters perspective, which activates thoughtful action. We can also see that we are all on the ‘same boat’ when it comes to the consequences of accelerated climate change due to human behaviour.

So, let’s work together in communities to nurture our ‘trees’ (metaphorically and actually), to preserve our ‘forests’. Certainly the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Refer relationships and the intangible aspects of spirituality and consciousness. We are more than just you, I and the rest.

Someone once said the world is run by those who turn up. Time to turn up. To share our planet, not dominate it. Organise, act, and support those who are.

Don’t wait for the politicians though, as they are followers, not leaders. Tell them what is required, and remind them of their public service. Then hold them to account. Starts with the next election, wherever you are.

Meanwhile, my gratitude is for living in a democratic society where my vote can make a difference. Sadly though, we waste that privilege when we do not vote, or vote without conviction or informed purpose. In honour of those who cannot, yet will suffer first given their disadvantage, please do so with compassion for all aspects of our awesome environment. Life is joyful when we care.

Meantime, planet Earth is our mother-ship. Time to nurture and respect this incredible being as she has the power, in partnership with her universal colleagues, to facilitate our extinction. Time is our problem, not hers.

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