Here comes the sun… and there it goes in all its glory

The glorious setting sun over the Coral Sea approaching PNG. Quite a privilege and so unique for us land-living creatures to see this magnificent perspective of this life giving star sinking into the ocean.

With due reference to one of the iconic songs of my generation and in consideration of the 50th anniversary of that great album Abbey Road. Thanks to the late and great George Harrison for such sumptuous acoustic guitar and a simple yet stunning melody. Sometimes the simplest things in life are the best.

So it is watching the sun sink over the ocean. I am grateful for this privilege. In coming days we will meet and observe people with less privilege and perhaps a less broad perspective of this planet upon which we all live. Of course, that does not make my lifestyle superior, simply different. And maybe, without necessary respect to others, we can become greedy for our choices. Many of us need to protect against such unfettered desire.

Meanwhile, the setting sun is simply stunning. How awesome is our universe and we are just a speck in the scheme of things. Hopefully our collective specks do not become smudges any time soon!

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