Honouring the past and the present

Today is a special day in Australia and New Zealand. Anzac Day. A day when we honour those who have come before us, to fight for the freedoms of their respective countries, and for other free-loving peoples of this planet. Sadly, we could not honour them in the usual way with all our dawn services and gatherings across the two countries. But in the true Anzac spirit, Australians and New Zealanders did what they could to carry on that tradition, from their driveways and balconies, and suburban streets. Well done to all!

Meantime, it is also a time to honour those in the present who carry forth this honour, in terms of all the health workers, across the world, who are acting in the manner of the Anzacs, and those who have served in their military forces. To sacrifice, to endure, to be courageous. We owe them a debt of gratitude. This Covid-19 battle continues everywhere, yet today provides us the opportunity to appreciate and respect them too.

May today, and days like it, remind all of us that together we are united, and divided we are simply … a rabble. To beat every adversary, we need to remain united. And as that spirit of unity is carried forth, our collective power will see healing, recovery and success emerge. Take care one and all.

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