Idyllic but keeping up appearances, for now

An iconic beach but requiring human intervention to ‘re-sand’ after mother nature’s intervention. If it were only so simple for our other icons, like the Great Barrier Reef. A reef now in serious deterioration, at the mercy of unfettered climate change and its destiny in the hands of the ’emperors’ of the world. As Nero fiddles, Rome is burning.

Humans are collectively intensely brilliant and creative while simultaneously horrendously violent and apathetic. Money, power and short-term gratification dominate. Has it always been so? Maybe. But given human population explosion, our desire to consume so ravenously driven by capitalist imperatives, what chance the expendable, vulnerable and weak. Even the flora and fauna, with their own vicious or uncaring survival selection systems.

At a global level, planet earth does not care. She will outlive us all. And even then, at some future time, absorbed back into the greater matter of the universe. But maybe we could care more. I wonder if we can care soon enough for long enough before irreparable damage is done to the environment supporting most of our sentient beings including us.

Will we have to wait for devastating war to re-calibrate the balance, or can we do it as a universal force? Sadly I doubt the latter, hope not the former, but wonder who or how a more palatable yet profound alternative can be achieved. I suspect nature will be the final arbiter, and humanity will simply be the powerless bystander. That could be both awesome and devastating too. I wonder …

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