Imagine if trees took selfies… imagine if they had egos…

Some joyful and close encounters with some truly magnificent trees in recent days got me thinking. How selfless are trees? A bit of a contrast to the human species, I would suggest. Free of ego. Such awesome contributors to to life on this planet. Complementary life-forms, whose prevalence is not at the expense of others. I mean, can you have an over-population of trees?

Maybe you get the drift. It seems there is no downside with trees. Sure, they have been expendable or over-exploited as humans have sought to dominate nature. Yet trees seek not to dominate. But left to achieve their potential, they can be, they are, truly mighty.

Do yourself a favour and check out the mighty trees in your nearest forest. Or visit the great rain forests of the world and be in awe of the giants there. You can also see great trees along your nearest fresh water stream or river. Every tree, wherever, being unique, so beautiful. Reconnect with nature by noticing and observing the grandeur of trees. I cannot imagine you will be disappointed.

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