In awe of the moon, and the program to get there

As an older person privileged enough to have witnessed humanity’s first steps on the moon (via black and white TV of course), I remain in awe of that program. In two days, it is fifty years since that occurred. It was certainly an amazing achievement by the Americans and NASA and they kindly shared this mind-boggling and historic achievement with the world.

Surely, we have advanced our technology vastly since that time, although whether we have advanced humanity and civilisation in this same period is a moot point. Nevertheless, technology aside, the moon remains a fascination for many of us to this day, just as it has been for aeons before us.

As I enjoyed my walk this evening, I was reminded of the pure joy so many coastal dwellers around the world gain from the moon’s influence. Of course the moon is the main cause of our tides, and how in interaction with the prevailing winds, the earth’s rotation and with some influence from the sun, waves are produced. Surfers are in their element. With many thanks to the moon.

In other places on this planet, these tides can be quite monstrous, like in Australia’s Kimberley. On this marvellous beach in that region below, please see the tidal range in pictures.

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