Inward loyalty, outward hostility

The sheep dog, so compliant, so loyal, so committed to the requests of its master, so dedicated to the wellbeing of its pack. Yet this same animal, like its master, can be so aggressive, so discriminatory, so excluding, of those who are not ‘us’. Them.

So much us and them in the world today, sadly. For so many reasons yet, but at the root of so much evil, greed, discontent, aggression and violence.

Will our human species ever evolve sufficiently to finally value cooperation above competition, peace above war, sharing above acquisition, humanity over race, respect over dominance? As an imperfect being with a hind-brain driving primal and instinctive behaviours, probably not ever.

So what do we do given the imperfect being we are, and inevitably will continue to manifest our misdeeds on others, mildly or more profoundly? We continue to strive as we always have, and pass the baton on. What other choice do we have, other than surrendering? I hope not!

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