Joyfulness. Love and family

If we are loving what we are doing, if we are loving who we are with, then surely joyfulness can be a natural consequence. But what comes first? Finding the love, or finding the joy? Perhaps it is just a preparedness to be open to both. As my favourite psychological therapy would suggest, values informed actions can lead to very positive outcomes. That is, if we choose to lead with one, or lead with the other, good things can and will happen.

So many joyful life experiences. Every day almost. And of course, the big one. Finding and loving a life partner. The birth of our beautiful children. The growth, maturation of our wonderful children. The gifts that keep on giving. To give your beautiful daughter away on her wedding day. Now that is special for a father, it certainly was for me. The birth of grandchildren. Watching them grow too.

It is great to be alive, to experience the joy. Time to spread it around if we can. Join with joy. Enjoy!

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