Noticing nature is good for our health.

Look beyond our urban constructions, and there is a truly awe-inspiring world of colour, depth, paradox, and inspiration. And an infinite source of joy and discovery. This morning in a sleepy country town, I was rewarded by one of the most vivid sunrises I have ever seen. Wow! It was.

For those of us who live in crowded or busy urban centres on this beautiful blue planet, we can often forget the beautiful environment that exists beyond our horizons. Sometimes we must travel to get there, get up early to do so, or sacrifice personal comforts to be there.

What we do know is that time spent in nature is good for our ‘mind, body and soul’. Relaxing, getting our heart rate down, doing the opposite of caffeine-inspired project tasks, listening, absorbing, being. Our immune system, our friends, our partners, our fellow sentient beings, will thanks us.

Find time to enjoy nature, every day. Even in your high-rise apartment, you can tend to your pot-plants, or see the sun rise or set with the adjacent sky’s colour palette. Appreciate the weather, its life-giving, its might, its constant change and interactions. And when you have time, and for those of privilege (or not), enjoy it, while you work to safe-guard it. Nurturing is also good for our health!

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